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Stay Close to the Fire, Caleb Pack

Take a moment to imagine the following situation. It is the darkest of nights. You are lost. You are surrounded by waves of blinding snow. You feel the warmth being pulled from your body with every second that passes. Fear hits your stomach. You know that you cannot make it through the night in your current situation.

Then, imagine that out in the distance you see a gleaming light. Walking closer you realize that it is a bonfire lit right in the midst of the chilling cold. Standing next to the fire you feel the warmth of the flames sooth you. Hope fills your soul. You realize that you will now make it through the night. You are saved because of this fire. You will stay safe by staying close to this fire during the darkest of nights.

Last week I was praying and I heard the Lord whisper clearly to my heart “Stay close to the fire.” Honestly, I don’t think I understand everything God was trying to tell me then, but I think I understand a little of it. God was reminding me of my greatest calling in life and my truest source of strength.

Sometimes we can become so fixed on doing a lot of busy work. Much of this work is good, honorable and even godly. If we are not careful however, in the midst of business we can forget our one true calling of staying near the fire – of staying near the presence of God.

How do we stay near the fire?

We stay near the fire by studying the Word, having personal times of prayer, passionate worship, and faithful commitment to Christian community. Ultimately, we stay near the fire by staying near to God. The author of Hebrews 12:29 summarizes this point well by stating that “Our God is an all consuming fire.

When we feel lost in life, when we feel like we are surrounded by a blizzard of trials and distractions it is the fire of God that brings us direction and life and safety. So today, if you find yourself in a cold storm of business, trials, and discouragement, come to the fire of God. You will stay safe by staying close to this fire during the darkest of nights.

Learn more about drawing towards the fire of God by listening to Caleb's message: Close to the Fire

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