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Airwaves, Linda Rapp

A couple of weeks ago I asked God to show me something in the Bible that would help me make some sense of what was going on right now with all the fear and chaos.  God drew me to the story of Hezekiah in II Kings 18-19.  

Many things parallel what is going on right now, but the one thing that stood out was the enemy at the fortified city speaking against God and the king.  Hezekiah’s advisors asked the enemy to please speak in a language the people on the wall would not understand. But the enemy wanted the people to hear —he wanted them to fear.  I felt God said the enemy’s voice is in the air waves and he is speaking the language of the world—fear and chaos.  We needed to come against that voice.

Then Sunday before our first ever online service during the praise and worship—God began to show me something more.  He reminded me about the airwaves in Hezekiah, but He said it is being reversed.  I began to get this picture—because of the virus, all the churches in Roswell were online with their services.  And at the same time—all the churches were using the air waves to get the message across of Jesus Christ. 

He is our peace and our shelter from the chaos, we can trust Him, He is in Control.  I saw this picture of it starting at the floor and as the preachers - unified—speaking the same thing—it just burst out at the top. 

We were using the airwaves to speak the message of God, and it was a message the people could understand.  It was in the language of God and there was power in those airwaves.  Then God reminded me of the Tower of Babel—“Look, the people are united, and they all speak the same language.  After this, nothing they set out to do will be impossible for them.”  Genesis 11: 5-6. 

What Satan was trying to do was speak fear and chaos, but what God did was take this and turn it and unite the pastors, using the same air waves the enemy used.  Instead of fear-peace, instead of death-life, instead of darkness-light.  We became united and used what the enemy meant for evil for good.  “And nothing will be impossible”.  God please heal our land!  

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