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A Prayer for Husbands, Dawn Wigley

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

When on our mission trip in Mexico my husband, Shaun, had me pray over the wives that were in that church service. I was nervous and scared because I didn't think that I was capable enough to do so. I got up there and changed my way of thinking. I told myself I can do this God I need you, Holy Spirit guide me.

I prayed over them and didn't have a lot to say, but afterward, I learned that what I said (Holy Spirit said through me) was very important for these women to hear. It was about supporting and praying for their husbands.

This gave me confidence that God does speak through me. The Friday before we were to share of our Mission trip in Mexico I really felt impressed to read this book on a praying wife (I normally don't like reading). I read through this book in two days and after each section, the Holy Spirit was giving things to pray over my husband. About a quarter of the way through I felt like He told me I needed to share this with the church.

I was excited and as I was about to finish the prayer the enemy was there attacking. He was telling me all these things so that I wouldn't share this. I almost fell to his deception but the Holy Spirit helped me out and I just stood on what I knew was true.

I ask that if you have a husband you would stand in agreement and pray this over your husband:

Dear Abba Father,

I thank you for my husband.

I realize that in some ways he may never change, but at the same time, I release him to change in ways I never thought he could.

I pray that our commitment to you and to one another will grow stronger and more passionate every day.

I pray that his work will be established, secure, successful, satisfying, and financially rewarding.

I pray that he will not be anxious about finances, but will seek your kingdom first, knowing that as he does, we will have all we need.

I pray that we make time for one another, communicate our true feelings openly, and remain sensitive to what each other needs. I pray that we will desire each other and no one else. Enable us to be warm, tender, compassionate, loving, and adoring. I trust you to transform us and make us the husband and wife you called us to be.

I pray that my husband will not be broken down by the power of evil, but raised up by the power of God.

I pray that he will be repulsed by tempting situations. Give him courage to reject them. I pray for your protection in my husband’s mind. Shield him from the lies of the enemy. I proclaim that God has given my husband a sound mind.

I pray you will perfect my husband in your love so that tormenting fear finds no place in him. You’ve given him power, love, and a sound mind. Enable him to walk worthy of his calling and become the man of God you made him to be.

Father, fill my husband with the fear of the Lord and give him wisdom for every decision he makes. Give him strength to reject the counsel of the ungodly and hear your counsel above all others.

I pray your healing touch on my husband. Make every part of his body function the way you designed it to. I pray that my husband will live a long and healthy life and when death does come, may it be accompanied by peace and not unbearable suffering and agony. I pray that you would protect my husband from any accidents, diseases, dangers, or evil influences. Hide him from violence and the plans of evil people. Wherever he walks, secure his steps. I pray that he will find strength in you and as he cries out to You, You will hear him and save him out of all his troubles (Psalm 34:6).

I pray that you would make my husband a man of integrity, according to your standards. Give him a teachable spirit that is willing to listen to the voice of wisdom and grow in your ways Lord.

I pray that my husband will have a reputation that is untarnished. I pray that he will be respected in our town and people will speak highly of him.

May he trust in you and not be afraid of what man can do to him. I pray my husband and I will seek you first and submit our all to you, for when we do I know the other pieces of our life will fit together perfectly.

I pray for my husband to have good godly male friends with whom he can openly share his heart. I pray for strong, peaceful relationships with each of his family members and co-workers. I pray that I will be counted as his best friend and that our friendship with one another will continue to grow. I pray we will be united in the rules we set for our children and be in full agreement as to how they are raised. May he require and inspire our children to honor him as their father so that their lives will be long and blessed.

I pray that you would enable my husband to let go of his past completely. Wherever his past has become an unpleasant memory, I pray you would redeem it and bring life out of it. Bind up his wounds. Restore his soul. Help him to release the past so that he will not live in it, but learn from it, break out of it, and move into the future you have for him.

Lord, fill my husband with your love and peace today. Release him from anger, unrest, anxiety, concerns, inner turmoil, strife and pressure. May there be calmness, serenity, and sense of well-being established in him because his life is God-controlled, rather than flesh controlled.

I pray you would protect our marriage from anything that would harm or destroy it. Set us free from past hurts, memories and ties from previous relationships, and unrealistic expectations of one another. I pray that our love for each other will grow stronger every day, so that we will never leave a legacy of divorce to our children.

Father, I pray that you would direct my husband’s steps. Lead him in your light; teach him your way, so he will walk in your truth. I pray that he would have a deeper walk with You and an ever progressing hunger for your Word. May your presence be like a delicacy he never ceases to crave.

I pray Your Holy Spirit would guard my husband’s mouth so that he will speak only words that edify and bring life. Help him to not be a grumbler, complainer, a user of foul language, or one who destroys with his words, but be disciplined enough to keep his conversation godly.

I pray that you would convict my husband of any error in his life. Take away all pride that would cause him to deny his faults and work into his soul humility of heart so that he will receive the honor you have for him.

Father, you said to call upon you in the day of trouble and you will deliver us in Psalm 50:15. I call upon you now and ask that you would work deliverance in my husband’s life. Deliver him from anything that binds him. Bring him to a place of understanding where he can recognize the work of evil and cry out to you for help.

Father, I want you to hear my prayers, so I ask you to reveal where there is any disobedience in my life, especially with regard to my husband. Show me if I’m selfish, unloving, critical, angry, resentful, unforgiving, or bitter toward him. Show me where I have not obeyed. I confess it as a sin and ask for your forgiveness.

I pray that you would give my husband a desire to live in obedience to your laws and your ways. Reveal and uproot anything he willingly gives place that is not of you. I pray that my husband will find his identity in you.

Help him to understand his worth through your eyes and by your standards. May he recognize the unique qualities you’ve placed in him and be able to appreciate them. May his true self-image be the image of Christ stamped upon his soul?

I pray that you will give my husband an added measure of faith today. Give him an understanding of what it means to bask in your presence and not just ask for things. I pray that he will live the kind of faith-filled life you’ve called us all to experience.

I pray that you would give my husband a vision for his future. Help him to understand that your plans for him are for good and not evil – to give him a future and a hope as it says in Jeremiah 29:11. Help him to mature and grow in You daily, submitting to You all his dreams and desires, knowing that “the things which are impossible with men are possible with God” (Luke 18:27).

Thank you Father for listening to my heart and I praise you for all you do in my husband’s life.



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Stephanie Sally
Stephanie Sally
Apr 01, 2020

Many people have wrote articles of how they were helped but I am very grateful to this great man who brought my ex husband back to me. This testimony is a true story. When i came in contact with this man was also through a testimony written about him helping with a cure for Herpes Virus and I have also encountered many testimonies about how he has been helping others with their life. To get back with an ex is one of the most inner most feeling many people would love to experience especially as those memories with our ex always cloud our mind when someone else does some of those things our ex used to do. I was a…

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