September 24, 2014

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A Prayer for Our Husbands

August 29, 2017

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Building a Home, Pastor Linda Rapp

October 20, 2013

Everyday on my way to work I notice a house that is being built.  I do my typical thought process and think about the people that are building that house.  I know there was excitement in coming together and working on the plans of the house--where each room would go, what the layout of the house would be like, the fixtures and the furniture etc.  What joy and excitement they felt getting the foundational stuff figured out.  Then I saw the ground work begin-and you knew something was about to happen.  When the foundation was poured the house seemed so small and nothing spectacular.  Compared to the houses around it, I thought it would be nothing special--just a house.   But then the walls began to be put up and the house began to take shape I realized this was going to be some house.  The walls went up rather quickly and the house really began to take shape with extra features that were giving the house character.  Then the internal part of the house began.  From the outside you cannot tell that anything is going on, but I know they are working on all the plans that this couple decided on even before the foundation was poured.  A lot of hard work is going into this house--and eventually it will become a home.  And like any home there will continually be work on it keeping it up.  Keeping the yard going, keeping the roof from leaking, changing out the leaking faucets etc.  All of you know what I mean that own a house.


Then I realized that this is a picture of a marriage. The couple get together and they make plans about what they think their marriage is going to look like.  All the details they feel are going to be important.  It is a fun and exciting time of planning.  Then the dirt work is done and foundation is laid (the wedding).  You are excited because now it has really begun--it is no longer just an idea in your mind.  Your foundation - the wedding has happened--and now it is time to build.  It may not look like much at first--but as those walls begin to come up you see your life take shape.  And those walls come up pretty quickly and they look pretty good.  But then comes the hard part--the internal stuff.  What you thought would work here, necessarily isn’t working and you have to make an adjustment.  Or something will not work period and you have to let go of that. This internal work is not seen easily by the outsider but you two know things are happening and changing.  You have to work together to make this all come together to create a home to go home to.  A  cozy place that you are at peace with each other and your surroundings.  A place of agreement where you can raise your family.


Once that is worked out, then the maintaining occurs. Changing out leaky faucets--not letting roots get under your foundation and destroy what you set,  keeping things out of the house that will eventually destroy.  It is just hard work.  But so worth it.  To have a place where your family can grow in security and comfort.  Where you can be yourself, and so can everyone else around you.  A HOME!


Reminds me of a verse--”In my father’s house are many mansions......I go and prepare a place for you, ......that where I am you may be also.”  John 14:   2-3       I like that picture that I don’t have to build that house, He already has laid the foundation and done the internal work and that house will be with Him.  That truly will be HOME!  And guess what I just know there will be no leaky faucets or roofs to repair.


Be Blessed!