September 24, 2014

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A Prayer for Our Husbands

August 29, 2017

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Let's Go Play Golf, Pastor Linda Rapp

September 23, 2013

Recently I was praying with a woman that had just received some bad news about her father.   She had come to pray.  She shared that when her dad got the news, he decided to take off work for that day and go play golf.


While we were praying I just felt God saying--that is how you need to deal with all your life problems.  I just saw this time line that we as humans are on--and we are so bound to that time line.  When hard things come up,  we get to wringing our hands and try to figure a way out of this.  God on the other hand is not bound by that time line.  He sees the beginning, in the middle and the end result--and He knows it is all good.  That is His promise to us as His children.  So He is not wringing His hands--He is saying “Go Play Golf”.  Now if you have ever seen me play golf, that is definitely not a relaxing experience for anyone--but the message is still clear.  It is a trust factor that each of us needs to get to.


My grandson just the other day was going thru a really tough time at the loss of his grandfather, but he shared with me the scripture that “Man makes his own plans, but the Lord orders his steps”.  He shared that he had woke up that morning thinking it would be a good day, and then his grandfather died.  He was learning a hard lesson that you just don’t know what the day will bring--but again God does--and He orders our steps.  What I think God is saying is when tough things arise, and they will, then “GO PLAY GOLF”.


“For here is what I have learned through it all: Leave all your cares and anxieties at the feet of the Lord and measureless grace will strengthen you.  He will watch over his lovers, never letting them slip or be overthrown....My life’s hope and trust is in You, and You’ll never fail to rescue me.”

Psalm 55: 22-23 (The Passion Translation)


Be Blessed!